Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ask an Expert: Kenneth Massey of the BCS

This week in "Ask an Expert" we're pleased and honored to have Kenneth Massey as our expert. His computer ranking system has been part of the BCS for twelve years now, and currently accounts for one-sixth of the BCS computer rankings. He's been part of the BCS through several revisions and tweaks to the system, including several controversies. You'll have a week to think of anything you'd like to ask him, submit questions, and vote existing questions up or down. After a week he'll take the top 4-6 questions, spend a week mulling them over, and post his answers here.

Current expert: Kenneth Massey
Submit questions: Google Moderator site.
Deadline: Noon EDT, November 5th
Responses posted: November 12th
Bio: "Kenneth Massey is an American sports statistician known for his development of a methodology for ranking and rating sports teams in a variety of sports. His ratings have been a part of the Bowl Championship Series since the 1999 season."
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