Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week 1: Saturday Predictions

The first 10 or so games are under our belt, and now it's time to move on to the main course. Starting next week we'll be moving on to a full look at several key matchups, but as of right now there's not too much to say since all of our data is based on last year's standings. Most of these wouldn't be too competitive no matter which year they were played -- hello Kent State at Alabama -- but in a few other instances it'd be useful to have more info about this year's teams -- we're looking at you, Boise State versus Georgia.

Now, presented without further commentary, are the first batch of predictions for the 2011-2012 college football season.

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  3Alabama42 100Kent St.18   3Alabama45  98Kent St.3
 10Auburn48  97Utah St.25   7Auburn49 108Utah St.17
105Ball St.32  90Indiana35 104Ball St.28  87Indiana31
  2Boise St.38  23Georgia29   5Boise St.38  21Georgia20
 58Boston College30  71Northwestern24  65Boston College31  72Northwestern20
 69Fresno St.31  45California34  73Fresno St.27  49California31
 34Clemson35  68Troy26  37Clemson41  81Troy20
 74East Carolina30  20South Carolina41  77East Carolina24  19South Carolina38
 17Florida St.44 109LA-Monroe23  16Florida St.41 102LA-Monroe7
 11Florida43 113FL-Atlantic20  18Florida56 NAFL-Atlantic3
 56Hawaii38  80Colorado30  62Hawaii35  67Colorado27
 63Houston36  78UCLA29  68Houston34  66UCLA27
 40Illinois39  88Arkansas St.27  35Illinois41  90Arkansas St.21
  9LSU33   5Oregon34  11LSU29   4Oregon28
 62Michigan35  67Western Michigan30  54Michigan45  85Western Michigan17
 59Mississippi33  38BYU32  58Mississippi31  56BYU27
 18Missouri37  89Miami-OH22  22Missouri38  93Miami-OH10
120New Mexico St.30  83Ohio36 117New Mexico St.21  82Ohio34
116New Mexico34 112Colorado St.32 118New Mexico24 107Colorado St.27
 30Northern Ill.40  84Army27  55Northern Ill.38  79Army17
 21Notre Dame32  49South Florida25  25Notre Dame31  44South Florida20
  4Ohio St.47 119Akron16   6Ohio St.62 119Akron0
 16Oklahoma St.48 110LA-Lafayette24  17Oklahoma St.52 113LA-Lafayette14
  7Oklahoma42  47Tulsa29   8Oklahoma48  59Tulsa17
 24Pittsburgh39 114Buffalo20  30Pittsburgh59 115Buffalo7
 82Purdue32  96Middle Tenn.26  78Purdue34 NAMiddle Tenn.20
 25USC38  70Minnesota27  31USC38  83Minnesota20
 60Southern Miss.39  79LA Tech31  57Southern Miss.38  86LA Tech24
  6Stanford49 115SJSU20   1Stanford52 111SJSU6
 33Texas44  98Rice26  32Texas45 101Rice17