Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week 1: Mid-Week Predictions

So here we are with the first predictions of the new football season. Just a reminder that all the rankings here are the same as they were at the end of last year; they'll slowly start to adjust as our computers get data from this year. Given that, it's a little difficult to predict this first week or so, but we're still putting it out there. Also remember that we only examine games between two Division I (FBS) schools, so when Powerhouse U. plays Sister Mary's School of the Blind, that won't show up here, either. It's almost as if many of the big schools don't want to risk losing to a middle-tier out-of-conference opponent. Weird, right?

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 85FIU39 106North Texas30  90FIU34 104North Texas24
 86Idaho38 101Bowling Green31  93Idaho34 108Bowling Green21
 55Kentucky41 111Western Kentucky28  46Kentucky49 112Western Kentucky17
117Memphis23  32Mississippi St.37 111Memphis14  22Mississippi St.55
 76Syracuse33  94Wake Forest27  64Syracuse28  65Wake Forest21
 14Wisconsin48 107UNLV25  12Wisconsin55 103UNLV14
 65Baylor26   1TCU39  56Baylor21   2TCU41