Thursday, December 15, 2011

Final Pick'em Standings, Bowl Pick'em Announcement

Congratulations to georgehr3 for winning the 2011 Tempo-Free Gridiron regular season pick'em!

Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 georgehr3  95 - 40 646
2 ed315  89 - 46 638
3 TFG (Justin)  92 - 43 634
4 nobiology  89 - 46 627
5 RBA (Eddie)  82 - 53 559
6 tommyallenn  80 - 55 547

And compared to our original projections?

TFG (Justin): 634 (-21)
RBA (Eddie): 559 (-106)

To be fair to Eddie, he did miss week 9 and that cost him about 45 points. Still, I'm relatively happy with how things turned out. Twelve weeks ago we made predictions about how we'd each do, and I came within about 3% of that projection. Unfortunately those 21 points ended up being the difference between winning and coming in third, but it was a learning experience. Look for this again next year.

And now ....

The 2011-2012 Tempo-Free Gridiron Bowl Pick'em Challenge

We have a public pick'em on Yahoo's College Bowl Pick'em. Go, join the group, create a pick set, and test yourselves against the computers (again). As with the regular season pick'em, we're throwing down the gauntlet to see who thinks they can keep up with us. Our projections for the pick'em:

RBA (Eddie): 22.2 games correct, for 430.2 points
TFG (Justin): 21.7 games correct, for 422.7 points

And while they'll come too late to help you select winners in the pick'em, see our bowl previews for all 35 bowl games.