Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week 9: Wrap-Up

What goes up must come down, as evidenced by Eddie's week 9 collapse. We disagreed on four games, and Eddie missed every one.

Record: 36-17 (67.9%)
The Good: I took a bit grief for suggesting that Penn State could beat Michigan without the majority of their defense. Scoreboard: Penn State 41 - Michigan 31.
The Bad: I knew they would screw it up the moment Notre Dame got the ball in field goal position. Notre Dame blew it by throwing a late with under a minute, falling to Tulsa 29-28 at home.
The Ugly: Several picks could fill this position in a week with 17 misses, so let's pick five in particular. I went 0-fer the ACC, including an epic WTF for Maryland 62 - Wake Forest 14.

Record: 40-13 (75.5%)
The Good:  Making good strides catching up to Eddie, and even against the rest of the contestants on the Prediction Tracker. I continue to be on-target with my expected win percentage, all of which are reassuring.
The Bad: Texas continues to disappoint and slide down the rankings, and Miami blew one against Virginia, despite UVa's best efforts to hand the game back to them later.
The Ugly: Navy/Duke ... what happened? Some digging through the history books shows that only six times in the last ten years have both Duke and UVa won on the same day ... and week 9 made it seven times.

Justin: 345-103 (77.0%)
Eddie: 344-104 (76.8%)