Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 10: Mid-Week Predictions

We actually have six mid-week games this week, two of which Eddie and I disagree over.  I went 4-0 in these disagreements last week, but I don't expect my luck to hold up, especially not when both of these games are effective coin tosses. Houston is managing to hold up in spite of losing their starting QB, but haven't played anyone as good as UCF all season. This one will be a real test of their offense.

Home Visitors Odds Home Visitors Odds
(91)Arkansas St.30 (86)Middle Tenn.31 50.1 (95)Arkansas St.27 (92)Middle Tenn.24 54.8
(54)South Florida29 (58)Rutgers27 57.0 (57)South Florida28 (74)Rutgers21 59.6
(79)Ohio34 (112)Buffalo28 78.6 (85)Ohio35 (109)Buffalo14 83.8
(6)Virginia Tech39 (38)Georgia Tech30 81.7 (7)Virginia Tech35 (34)Georgia Tech20 78.5
(80)Central Michigan32 (88)Western Michigan29 58.7 (86)Central Michigan31 (91)Western Michigan24 60.5
(60)Houston34 (42)UCF35 54.0 (63)Houston34 (60)UCF28 51.8