Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 11: Mid-Week Predictions

A relatively boring start to the week. Only six games, and with the exception of Ball State at Buffalo there shouldn't be too much drama.

Home Visitors Odds Home Visitors Odds
(49)Northern Ill.36 (86)Toledo29 75.5 (68)Northern Ill.41 (92)Toledo17 76.7
(92)Bowling Green34 (101)Miami-OH31 63.8 (100)Bowling Green28 (103)Miami-OH21 64.6
(90)UAB33 (62)East Carolina38 66.1 (96)UAB28 (71)East Carolina34 67.7
(64)Connecticut28 (21)Pittsburgh34 71.3 (57)Connecticut20 (25)Pittsburgh28 75.9
(112)Buffalo34 (111)Ball St.30 54.1 (110)Buffalo28 (114)Ball St.24 66.8
(89)Idaho24 (2)Boise St.46 96.5 (95)Idaho17 (7)Boise St.55 96.3