Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 12: Mid-Week Predictions

We're running a bit late this week since I moved and had all my computers in boxes, but we're back and are getting up to speed. There are two potentially close games in the middle part of this week: Bowling Green at Toledo and UCLA at Washington. Last week was a bit of an off week for both systems, so we're hoping to recover and look a little less wrong.

Home Visitors Odds Home Visitors Odds
(49)Temple33 (77)Ohio28 68.6 (62)Temple34 (88)Ohio17 69.8
(120)Akron27 (101)Miami-OH35 78.0 (120)Akron21 (103)Miami-OH31 80.0
(85)Toledo35 (92)Bowling Green33 55.9 (92)Toledo31 (102)Bowling Green24 52.8
(106)UNLV25 (39)Air Force38 87.5 (99)UNLV21 (46)Air Force38 85.6
(73)Washington29 (69)UCLA31 54.5 (51)Washington31 (52)UCLA24 54.1
(2)Boise St.45 (67)Fresno St.28 93.4 (6)Boise St.49 (72)Fresno St.24 90.1