Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 13: Mid-Week Predictions

The theme for this week will be "disagreement". All-in-all, Eddie and I disagree on the outcome of 11 out of 54 games. Most of these are ones where the outcome is expected to be close -- neither of us is more than 56% certain about Pitt/WVU or Tulsa/Southern Miss., and the Vegas line on each game is about a field goal. There are even two games we agree on (Texas/Texas A&M and ECU/SMU) where neither of us is particularly sure. Friday is notable as being Boise State's last real challenge on the way to an undefeated season. Neither system thinks too much of Nevada's odds against the Broncos, even at home. TCU has all be wrapped up their undefeated season, so we'll know by Friday night if we'll have one or two non-AQ teams left undefeated.

Home Visitors Odds Home Visitors Odds
(103)Miami-OH24 (53)Temple34 82.6 (104)Miami-OH20 (69)Temple34 83.8
(31)Texas32 (32)Texas A&M31 50.5 (33)Texas27 (29)Texas A&M24 52.1
(119)Akron27 (114)Buffalo33 67.5 (120)Akron24 (117)Buffalo25 66.3
(3)Alabama35 (13)Auburn31 74.5 (2)Alabama31 (11)Auburn21 78.0
(44)Arizona St.29 (75)UCLA25 68.0 (28)Arizona St.31 (54)UCLA17 74.2
(96)Bowling Green30 (74)Western Michigan35 68.3 (102)Bowling Green27 (89)Western Michigan31 52.0
(69)East Carolina36 (71)SMU34 50.8 (75)East Carolina35 (NA)SMU31 50.6
(115)Eastern Michigan27 (37)Northern Ill.48 94.1 (119)Eastern Michigan21 (65)Northern Ill.52 92.4
(107)Kent St.28 (72)Ohio34 77.1 (107)Kent St.21 (80)Ohio28 76.7
(12)Nebraska37 (77)Colorado25 86.2 (12)Nebraska38 (61)Colorado17 82.4
(35)Nevada30 (2)Boise St.43 90.3 (31)Nevada28 (4)Boise St.38 83.7
(6)Oregon35 (22)Arizona29 70.7 (3)Oregon38 (19)Arizona21 68.0
(26)Pittsburgh29 (24)West Virginia30 51.3 (27)Pittsburgh21 (25)West Virginia20 54.6
(65)Rutgers29 (54)Louisville31 56.6 (78)Rutgers24 (47)Louisville31 77.1
(82)Toledo31 (76)Central Michigan32 54.3 (96)Toledo28 (84)Central Michigan29 64.4
(58)Tulsa35 (60)Southern Miss.34 51.4 (70)Tulsa31 (53)Southern Miss.32 55.7