Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 4: Wrap-Up

Neither of us were particularly happy this Monday.  In Eddie's case, it was because Arkansas blew a 13 point lead at home.  In Justin's case, it was because Eddie managed to take the season lead.  Now to focus on Week 4.

Accuracy: 39-10 (79.6%)
The Good: Picking Boise State-Oregon State within a single point.
The Bad: Purdue over Toledo by 18 points turned into Toledo over Purdue by 11.  Whenever you are off by 29, that's a bad performance.
The Ugly: Thursday picks haven't been good to me, and Miami's curb stomping of Pittsburgh was no exception.  Mark me down as 0-fer the last three Thursdays.

Accuracy: 37-12 (75.5%)
The Good: Under the headline "Blind Pig Finds Truffle", I managed to get:

  • the Arizona State/Oregon game spread right (each team got an extra TD);
  • missed the Boise State/Oregon State spread by 1 point; and
  • missed the Oklahoma/Cincinnati final score by 2 points.
The Bad: I still can't seem to get the ACC right. Four of the 12 games I got wrong involved one or more ACC teams. Of the 7 games involving ACC teams, I expected to get 5 right. Instead I got 3 right, and that's only because Virginia Tech/BC, Florida State/Wake, and -- to a slightly lesser extent -- Maryland/FIU were all decided before the teams stepped on the field.
The Ugly: I'm similarly cursed by Thursdays. I may have gotten one right so far, but it generally hasn't been pretty, and Pittsburgh's decision to field an FCS-caliber team didn't help.

Overall Season Accuracy:
Eddie: 151-35 (81.1%)
Justin: 150-36 (80.6%)