Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 1: Thursday and Friday predictions

Tonight is the kickoff of the college football season in earnest. There are eight games between D-1A teams tonight and tomorrow. Justin's predictions are in blue, Eddie's are in yellow. Our rankings and predictions are unchanged since the end of last year -- we don't attempt to project year-to-year changes based on number of starters returning or other similar metrics -- so take these predictions with a small grain of salt.

Home Visitors Odds Home Visitors Odds
(96)UAB39 (102)FL-Atlantic33 70.1 (92)UAB38 (107)FL-Atlantic24 67.5
(91)Hawaii23 (10)USC34 87.5 (95)Hawaii13 (5)USC45 96.8
(85)Iowa St.29 (71)Northern Ill.28 53.0 (69)Iowa St.31 (89)Northern Ill.20 64.1
(74)Middle Tenn.30 (69)Minnesota28 59.7 (84)Middle Tenn.24 (61)Minnesota27 64.5
(4)Ohio St.36 (84)Marshall18 96.8 (7)Ohio St.41 (91)Marshall6 95.5
(44)South Carolina31 (58)Southern Miss.26 70.7 (45)South Carolina31 (63)Southern Miss.20 65.9
(16)Utah33 (18)Pittsburgh29 67.3 (30)Utah28 (27)Pittsburgh27 52.1
(99)Toledo29 (38)Arizona37 76.3 (98)Toledo17 (16)Arizona45 92.8