Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 3: Thursday and Friday Predictions

The Thursday/Friday games of week 3 show TFG and RBA in complete consensus about the projected winners, but TFG is significantly less confident than RBA about the favorites running the table over the next 36 hours. All three projected victors are the visiting teams, and we're still early enough in the season that home field advantage means something. Interestingly enough, one team facing the uphill battle against home field advantage is Kansas, who rode momentum and a track meet against heavy favorite Georgia Tech to an upset victory at home. This week they're on the road facing Southern Miss in what TFG predicts will be a real nailbiter.  This may not be Iowa-Arizona game of Saturday, but both Friday games have the potential to be interesting.

TFG says the favorites have an 18% chance of running the table; RBA says that's closer to 39%. We'll find out soon enough.

Home Visitors Odds Home Visitors Odds
(66)North Carolina St.32 (32)Cincinnati34 61.3 (67)North Carolina St.27 (44)Cincinnati31 64.7
(48)Nevada34 (26)California36 53.7 (53)Nevada21 (7)California38 84.4
(72)Southern Miss.33 (50)Kansas34 55.5 (76)Southern Miss.24 (40)Kansas34 71.5