Saturday, December 4, 2010

Week 14: Saturday Predictions

The big game of the week is also going to be the closest. Both TFG and RBA see the SEC title game as a coin toss that's currently landing in favor of Auburn. Eddie and I disagree on the ACC title game as well as the Big XII title game. By the end of today we'll know the national title picture, and currently it all rests in Auburn's (and South Carolina's) hands.

Home Visitors Odds Home Visitors Odds
(13)Auburn35 (14)South Carolina34 50.7 (10)Auburn31 (14)South Carolina24 50.0
(2)Boise St.46 (97)Utah St.21 97.8 (7)Boise St.52 (108)Utah St.14 96.8
(76)UCLA26 (26)USC35 79.2 (55)UCLA27 (30)USC28 55.7
(43)UCF34 (67)SMU30 64.6 (62)UCF35 (75)SMU24 63.8
(50)Cincinnati33 (31)Pittsburgh36 61.1 (56)Cincinnati24 (34)Pittsburgh31 70.5
(108)FL-Atlantic30 (80)Troy37 73.8 (110)FL-Atlantic24 (92)Troy28 72.2
(89)FIU32 (94)Middle Tenn.31 51.4 (90)FIU31 (99)Middle Tenn.21 63.3
(17)Florida St.31 (5)Virginia Tech35 67.7 (18)Florida St.28 (5)Virginia Tech27 80.5
(55)Hawaii39 (104)UNLV29 83.1 (63)Hawaii45 (101)UNLV17 81.7
(84)Idaho37 (116)SJSU28 81.7 (93)Idaho35 (111)SJSU20 72.6
(78)LA Tech32 (29)Nevada41 78.4 (83)LA Tech24 (24)Nevada38 80.6
(11)Nebraska31 (7)Oklahoma32 57.4 (9)Nebraska27 (8)Oklahoma24 62.3
(38)Oregon St.30 (6)Oregon39 80.0 (70)Oregon St.24 (2)Oregon35 91.6
(54)South Florida28 (51)Connecticut30 51.6 (54)South Florida25 (43)Connecticut24 54.0
(102)Washington St.28 (68)Washington35 75.3 (82)Washington St.17 (38)Washington35 86.8
(19)West Virginia33 (72)Rutgers25 80.9 (15)West Virginia38 (78)Rutgers17 83.7