Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week 14: Mid-Week Predictions

Three games before the big slew of activity on Saturday. Eddie and I are much more in agreement here, with the possible exception of tonight's Arizona/Arizona State game. TFG isn't too impressed with the Sun Devils, as they barely make the TFG top 50. RBA, however, places them just inside the top 25 and predicts that they'll be a viable threat to the Wildcats. Both teams play somewhat quickly, but aren't tremendously efficient on the offensive end. Oddly enough we disagree strongly on how good Northern Illinois is -- I have them just outside my top 25, whereas they're not even in the top half of the RBA rankings -- but we both expect them to defeat Miami-Ohio in a walk. Either way, we both expect to get roughly 2 of out 3 right.

Home Visitors Odds Home Visitors Odds
(24)Arizona31 (44)Arizona St.27 63.6 (22)Arizona31 (25)Arizona St.24 51.9
(71)Fresno St.32 (39)Illinois37 66.9 (76)Fresno St.28 (47)Illinois38 71.8
(96)Miami-OH26 (28)Northern Ill.38 87.1 (100)Miami-OH20 (68)Northern Ill.38 80.0