Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 8: Wrap-Up

Unfortunately Eddie never got a chance to add his thoughts to the mix, but he made up for it by being right in the one game where he and I disagreed. The Game of the Week

Accuracy: 40-11 (78.4%)

The Good: Forty correct is always a good week.  The best pick of the week comes from Jordan-Hare Stadium where Auburn knocked off LSU, much to the disappointment of Justin, since it was the only game we disagreed on this week.
The Bad: Iowa over Wisconsin.  The Hawkeyes had a chance late, but a blocked extra point made all the difference that RBA claimed was a virtual lock at 82.4% confidence.
The Ugly:  Picking Notre Dame over Navy.  The Middies ran all over the Irish en route to a victory that wasn't anywhere as close as it looks on the scoreboard.

Accuracy: 39-12 (76.5%)

The Good: Similar to last week, I managed to get within one game of my expected number of wins for the week. That makes it four weeks out of five.
The Bad: Obviously falling another game behind Eddie is bad, but TFG did say Auburn/LSU was going to be a close one. It'd just be nice to be on the right side of those.
The Ugly: West Virginia losing to Syracuse at home (9.2% likely), Texas losing to Iowa State (7.6% likely), and Bowling Green losing to Kent State (17.3% likely). The odds of getting all three of those wrong was about 1 in 827. That's pretty ugly.

Overall Season Totals
Eddie: 308-87 (78.0%)
Justin: 305-90 (77.2%)