Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 8: Mid-Week Predictions

With both Alabama and Ohio State no longer among the ranks of the winless, Oregon steps up as a new National Championship contender. TFG and RBA are split on just how good the Ducks actually are, but we're unified in believing that they're going to blow out UCLA. Oregon has really impressed Eddie, as his RBA has them at number three; my TFG is much more pessimistic, thinking a good chunk of the Ducks' offense is due to their frantic pace. The Cincinnati/USF game tomorrow looks to be more interesting, but that's not saying much.

Home Visitors Odds Home Visitors Odds
(11)Oregon39 (63)UCLA24 90.3 (3)Oregon38 (50)UCLA17 82.7
(24)Cincinnati33 (62)South Florida24 81.1 (40)Cincinnati34 (65)South Florida17 69.2