Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Second Point of View

The Tempo-Free Gridiron is getting a second author to help provide another take on college football.  Eddie is a diehard college football junkie with an encyclopedic knowledge of the game.  He's the complete opposite of myself in that regard, as I have no allegiance to any particular team or conference.  I do this out of pure curiosity for the statistics and predictions with no regard to the names on the jersey (or boxscore).  As you'll see, Eddie starts with the exact same data set that I use, but his system attempts to account for more factors out of the gate.  This should be an interesting contrast in styles: blank slate versus encyclopedia, and simple versus comprehensive.

In his introductory post Eddie will give you the under-the-hood look at his methodology along with his current rankings and predictions for upcoming games.  Over the next week we hope to do per-conference breakdowns and a look at the BCS picture, along with some compare-and-contrast posts that highlight differences in our systems and their results.

Welcome, Eddie.