Monday, January 2, 2012

Counting Down the Champions: Introduction

Continuing with the trivia of this season, we've decided to take a shot at ranking the eight most recent BCS champions according to their final TFG and RBA standings for their respective years. Because TFG and RBA use different methodologies than the BCS it's often the case that the top two teams in our rankings are very different than those in the BCS. While the BCS focuses extensively on win-loss record -- making it effectively impossible for a two-loss team to get into the championship game -- TFG and RBA ignore these in favor of their own formulas, making it possible for a team not even in the title game to finish the season on top. For each of the last eight BCS champions we'll look at their season and how they got into the title game. Just as a reminder, those teams are:

2010: Auburn Tigers
2009: Alabama Crimson Tide
2008: Florida Gators
2007: LSU Tigers
2006: Florida Gators
2005: Texas Longhorns
2004: USC Trojans
2003: LSU Tigers

Our countdown will start tomorrow and culminate on the 9th, just before this year's title game.