Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome to the 2013-2014 Season

Welcome to the 2013-2014 college football season!

The new season is only three days away, and Tempo-Free Gridiron is back for yet another year. Last year we rolled out our first real trial of in-game win probabilities. During each and every game of the 2013-2014 season we created graphs showing the current odds of each team winning. This year we're going to refine those models to provide better accuracy and precision.

We'll still be tweeting the probabilities for each game at the end of each quarter, as well as upset watches (a heavy pre-game favorite is likely to lose), upset warnings (a heavy pre-game favorite is on the verge of losing) and upset emergency notices (they're pretty much toast). So subscribe to our twitter feed (@TFGLiveOdds) for all that and more.

Along with the new content, there's the usual content, including
This is all on top of our weekly predictions, discussions, rankings, and complete bowl coverage that we've provided the previous years. Keep an eye on the blog or follow us on Twitter.