Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spring .. er .. Summer Cleaning

My calendar tells me it's been over six months since our last post here, and it's been a busy six months. We here at TFG have been working on some slight tweaks to our respective systems and doing some brainstorming about if and how to translate some of the techniques from basketball analysis over to football.  For example, does a modified form of the four factors apply to football? Does a week off help or hurt a team?  Does familiarity breed contempt (or better defense), and if so, will that affect the participants in conference realignment? And will people finally take Utah seriously?

Our main focus, however, has been on a season-long pick'em contest between our computers and human participants. Since both of us are regulars at Fark, we've decided to create an AppEngine-based contest, open to anyone with a Fark login.  Each week, Eddie and I will select 10 games; the participants will predict the winners and sort their results from the most to least confident.  Up to three people who score more points than either Eddie or I over the course of the season can win TotalFark subscriptions.  Watch this space for more details.